Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Praying For The Bradley Effect.

I know the gooling Obamamedia started hyperventilating and going hsyterical about the 'militants' at those rallies. The goal wasn't concern about rowdy crowds it was to intimidate and bully people into thinking twice about going to sold-out Palin rallies.
Hannity's a raccccistttt! So predictable from a kook fringe leftist.
I think we are going to see the Bradley Effect in this election.

Bradley was ahead in the polls by double digits and he got smoked.

Obama might just get smoked.

Now wouldn't that by hysterical.
Nobody Yelled “Kill Him” About Obama at a McCain or Palin Rally


Man oh man, you mean the googling Obamamedia and Obama-bots lied about what happened last week at a rally Sarah Palin was speaking at? Of course they did because they are full of ***t! You betcha.
Not just a good thing, but a great thing. Because that will mean that Obama the "Muslim" won't be in the White House.
That's because you were dealing with only Dems, now you have Independants that are afraid of subconsiously beging labeled as a racist because they don't say Obama. But when they get in the box to pull the level and no one is looking or talking to them, they will push the McCain button.

Just remember when it happens, you will think of me and say ... "that guy was right". Yes, you will be thinking of me.

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