Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Half Woman Half Goat Any Wonder Why She Struggles With English?

edfromned, I don't think ALL of ACORN is totally bad, but like the main stream media, Hollywood, liberals in general have an agenda…elected a Democrat as President no matter what it takes. Lies, name calling, having people register more than once to vote, have stupid movies made, don’t take responsible for ones action or one says… whatever it takes to elect a Democrat. Shit I’m damn ready as an Independent voter to ask where do I sign up so I don’t have to responsible, so I can name call and not be responsible, so I can blame the other party and still not be responsible. Hey, I’m beginning to like this, not as hard as I thought!
what if fnc went off the air...what would happen to this site? What you all have to bitch about then? Just questions I was wondering about........
woke...ahhhh the name calling, thanks so much! So 'change and hope' comes with degrading another person, mocking that person...I was hoping to see change in the campaigning, but nope...same ole shit. There is no change!

I hope fnc continues...at least they expose things the OTHER networks won't until it comes out on fnc. I have read things on fnc.com and then a couple of days later I will see it on cnn.com. You have to admit, at least they expose things the 'others' won't

you still see things on fnc you won't see on the other networks because they control what you see...wake the fuck up will you all

so what is Neocons in your opinion

there you go degrading me again...I'm asking for your opinion...what's wrong with that?

okay woke...that's Jim Lobe opinion...I take it you agree with him...and will you stop fucking mocking me.

shit...no wonder why this country is divided

excuse me john t??? say what???? First of all, I am female...thank you very much...and those other nn...I have no idea what the hell your talking about john t

the ONLY other nn I have been here under is not-a-victim-yet...I hope that burns in your shorts

yeah...I see the kind of people you are...I rest my case!!

and that's why our country is divided...keep up the great work! Socialism here we come..yahooooooooo

Seriously, where I can sign up for the party that can lie, have the main stream media, Hollywood, say things that I will not be responsible for saying, make movies to mock the other side and not be responsible….I’m ready to sign up

umm...did I say something wrong? where'd you all go...?????? Okay, I'll behave...

oh well...I tried to talk, tried to understand. This sure isn't the America I know (55 yr old gal here). I guess I'll say good bye to the America I know and hope for the best. Rock on FNC...at least you are not as bias as the other networks...keep up the good work to expose what the other networks want hide from the public. Rock on America...we are STILL A DAMN GOOD NATION in spite of the liberals

How come you never say shit to aap when he talks to himself? The mods know that as well. TDF!!!!

LIberal hypocrisy..........

OBAMA knows that ACORN is good for the campaign. All others that doubt ACORN are liars.

OBAMA....OBAMA.....OBAMA......OBAMA......OBAMA.... ..OBAMA.......OBAMA

OBAMA is the chosen one, he is the one true Messiah, follow his every word or be prepared to be sent to the depths of hell.

By the way Enrico/Truthy now goes by I Am Newshounds Bitch. :)


theroachman said...

Newshounds is my bitch = 2008

look on the troll id thread.

The guy is mentaly ill

Anonymous said...

The idiots showed up and spiked the poll. Obama wins

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