Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Feel The Conservative Love

You're a liar.
Anonymous | 10.15.08 - 11:15 pm | #


I may be full of it, but you are full of insults and the like which is typical.

BTW: I have not been asked to supply anything by you. Maybe you should get a head check.

Fuck you, patsy.

Why aren't you loons screaming about the focus groups on msnbc? They picked McCain! LOL
Anonymous | 10.15.08 - 11:22 pm | #

Wrong, patsy. He is a hard workin man who doesn't want to fork over his hard earned money to a fat toad, like yourself. In turn, joe will have to lay off employees, raise his rates, etc. You're not the sharpest tack in the bunch, are ya?

Joe the Plumber nicely sums up the socialist plan of Hussein Obsama. This guy wants to have a business and employee people, but that isn't enough for the socialists. They want Joe to pay higher taxes too, so folks who DON'T WORK and DON'T PAY TAXES can enjoy some of the wealth that Hussein Obsama confiscated from the productive.

Hussein Obsama: Socialist idiot.


How long have you been on welfare?

(This troll calls everybody Patsy)

Thank God I incorporated. Fuck obama.

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