Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Debate 3 Tonight

Let's get it on and over.

Tonight We'll have the views of the brain-dead...

What is sickening is how biased that MSNBC is, now even Chris Matthews is mouthing KO diatribes as well as the BIG Lesbian, RACHEL MAD COW! With the great mulatto nubian messiah elected I suppose that you far left zealots will want to round up all Christians and gas them, right? This country will turn to a great big pile of shit with Barak HUSSEIN Obama as POTUS. Know the NH b*t#ches will enjoy running around in the black sheets with slits for eyes and being beaten by their men. Remember the MOSLEMS do not permit carpet munching.
It is really good to know what you ass wipe Socialists think of the first admendment. Enjoy the next four years cause that is going to be your swan song as the Nubian mulatto messiah runs the US into the cesspool of debachery and filth that is the far left. Hurry and get the capital redistributed to the worthless, lazy and those who have no initiative.

WASHINGTON - Democratic Rep. John Murtha said Wednesday his home base of western Pennsylvania is racist and that could reduce Barack Obama's victory margin in the state by 4 percentage points.

Please, Mr. Murtha, please keep talking. Let's get all those "bitter clingers", that elitist Hussein Obsama was talking about, motivated and out to the polls.


Has anyone asked Hussein Obsama why he donated $800,000 to a vote-fraud organization?


Hussein Obsama wasn't 8 years old when he decided it would benefit him in the corrupt world of Democrat politics to have a domestic terrorist as a friend, mentor, and supporter.


When will Hussein Obsama tell his thugs to stop vandalizing GOP campaign offices?


I hope you assholes get this bloody black jackass as your President. Your deserve it.

Will Hussein Obsama tell his supporters to stop committing terrorist attacks against GOP campaign offices?


OUCH! Eat that ACORN, Hussein Obsama, you fucking terrorist-coddler, and vote fraud supporter.

People who pal around with unrepentent domestic terrorists "have no class"


Does McCain get to speak?


Well, first of all, Biden can help plagiarize govt. documents and can advise on botox and hair-plug legislation.

hey BO … the union murders in Columbia are being done by terrorists to prevent the country from being a successful trade partner with the U.S. … you friggin’ dummy …

Uhoh, McCain is talking about "obesity". That's codeword for Democrats.

Cosmetic surgery? Transplants?

You listening Biden? He’s talking to you!!!

Now it's time for McCain to bring up Obama's views on abortion and infanticide.
It just shows that most women and some gays tend to "vote with their thighs."
Bato | 10.15.08 - 10:13 pm |

Listen to obama dance around the abortion question. TDF!

We exterminate.. uh.. uh.. I mean exempt small business….. Yeah right.


Has obama ever said how much the fine is for his health care plan? Even though he was shaking his head when McCain brought it up? Just another one of obamas lies.
OS The Legend Lives | 10.15.08 - 10:21 pm | #

He's been chirpin that for the last week. Just more hypocrisy and idiocy.

Like you would know.

"Senator McCain is absolutley right!" BHO

I love it!

mccain made this a race again.

thanks barry.

The public education system is in the crapper and more money will not save it. Many kids do not want to learn and prefer to fuck, fight and steal than try to learn, this will only get worse when the Nubian Mulatto becomes POTUS. You left wing HATE AMERICA FIRST vermin enjoy your last time in the sunshine. The US will be 3rd world when you asswipes get thru in 4 years.

You left wing socialist better go out and help ACORN find some more fraudulent voters. Go to the graveyard and dig ups some bodies, maybe they were buried with their SS number.

You don't listen very well. Some of them obama "won" the debate, but, they still won't vote for him or trust him.


Most everything was doing good until the Dummycrats took over congress. What the hell is the matter with you were you on a different planet

The bottom line here is I am loosing 16K a month from my retirement account and that was not happening two years ago. I was gaining a couple of K per month.

Doesn't that make her a racist?
Anonymous | 10.15.08 - 10:58 pm | #

That only works in reverse. If she was white and not voting for obama=racist.

I think most you on here are doing the complaining I was just stating a fact. Which seems to be something a little lacking here. Just a lot of thug like people with phoney names calling people names.

McCain should have had a wright video cued up on the big screen.


If you want someone to take what you have and spread it around move to China


They all lie like a rug in order to get the votes.

Good night to all you who have the courage to use a false name.


theroachman said...

I agree with you Chrish.
Count Istvan | Homepage | 10.15.08 - 10:58 pm

Sorry, Count. I just couldn't resist!!!

Posted by: MLP on Wed 10.15 10:00pm

Yer even more famus!!!

Anonymous said...

I did agree with her.

theroachman said...

I agree too and there is still some anon troll collowing me around avout this subject

Anonymous said...

I saw :)

MLP said...

I am so impressed with your good behavior....and highly amused!
Will you be doing odd jobs around the site for them now?
Oh, well. At least you're back with us again!

Sergei Andropov said...

What did you agree on?

Anonymous said...

The idiocy of the focus groups On Cable networks...

here is the convo...

And one of the black women is a Republican voting for McCain. Good grief.
chrish | Homepage | 10.15.08 - 10:56 pm | #

I wonder how much they paid her to be there.
Count Istvan | Homepage | 10.15.08 - 10:57 pm | #

Focus groups are crap. Twenty-thirty people are not representative of anything.
chrish | Homepage | 10.15.08 - 10:57 pm | #

record this...

I agree with you Chrish.
Count Istvan | Homepage | 10.15.08 - 10:58 pm | #

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