Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yeah My City Sucks For Tourist

Because The College World Series is in town ( Played for the last time in Rosenblatt Stadium which is about 3 miles from the Count's place) The Omaha World Herald is pimping Omaha tourism. in May they printed 32 things to do in Omaha.

#1? {1} Walk across the Bob.

The Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, nearly 3,000 feet long, crosses the Missouri River between Omaha and Council Bluffs. It's a must-see for visitors and popular with walkers, joggers and cyclists. Omaha Plaza at the foot of the bridge has a fiber wave sculpture and 26 water jets for child's play.

Henry Doorly zoo is by far the best tourist attraction in the city the fact that it is located across the street from Rosenblatt (The zoo bought Rosenblatt land) must be the reason the zoo is not mentioned at all. But the Bob Kerrey bridge to nowhere #1? Really? How sad is that? The bridge goes from nowhere in particular in Omaha to nowhere in particular in Council Bluffs. And that is the best tourist attraction. Sad.

The list also has such awesome tourism ideas as touring Omaha World Herald. Oh Boy!

There is this...

23} Eat a steak.

The city is filled with beef eateries. Our very own Warren Buffett has long listed Gorat's Steak House, 4917 Center St., as the official Berkshire steak location, touting its T-bone steaks and hash browns. So why not dine like a millionaire?

There you go. Lest you think Gorat's is a place for only the elite and wealthy The Count and Contessa eat there on occasion.

The rest of the list is here.

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