Friday, June 25, 2010

Stereotype Much?

OK, I'd have put this in the ShoutBox, but too much of this latest gem from Fundies Say The Darndest Things needed to be quoted in full (and over character limit):
Liberal women have been afforded only one real right by liberals. The right to kill their offspring. Liberal women are almost always overweight, blowzy, baggy eyes, mannish, and make sure their hair hasn't been washed in months. They do this because they think it makes them appear more intellectual. After all, a woman has to be like a man to get anywhere. The libs are about as bad as the Taliban. The lib is so archaeic [sic.] that they still buy into the old belief that a pretty woman is always stupid.
OK, a few points here. First of all, Liberal Women aren't "afforded" rights. It's assumed that we have them as much as Liberal Men - indeed, as all Men and Women, whatever their political colors - do. There's no vetting process. Rights are rights, as much for men and women as saints and savants, as fools and fiends.

As for the description...projecting much, there, big guy? Have you seen the likes of Ana Marie Cox, Rachel Maddow, Janeane Garofalo? If you want to insist on "mannish" as a sartorial descriptor...fine, I'll let you get away with that, weaned as you have been on bright red mini-skirted blondes on Fox News as your norm for feminine fashion. But your other metrics don't remotely scan.

The difference between our two camps actually is that we accept that women of all shapes and sizes can be smart, whereas those who laud the conservative female seem to uniformly insist that they all be visual knockouts, with the possible exception of Margaret Thatcher. In other words, a pretty woman is not always stupid....but a great many women whose views are stupid are, often, pretty, and rewarded more for their looks than their views.

Tells you in a nutshell what this camp values.

This sterling poster then goes on to say that "the conservative woman is truly liberated. They are smart, proud to be good looking and can even do things men do and still be feminine and sexually attractive."

Ah, here we have it. The valuation of surface over substance. It's not about what they can do, it's all about how women look while they're doing it, for this guy. And that means allure. How meaningful and profound. Why would we ever think he was focusing on the trivial issues of outside appearances? Snerf.

"The conservative woman can even have her baby with pride and do [sic.] not see it as a burden."

Dude? Wake up! If Liberal Women did not also have babies that they nurtured, raised and cared about, you wouldn't have much to complain about, because the strain would die out naturally, wouldn't it? What utter BS.

When you get right down to it, the only common theme in this post is about the unborn: conservative women are "proud moms," regardless of whatever else they do in their lives; whereas liberal women are "baby-killers" who abort on a whim, in order to continue to be overweight, mannish creeps.

Why do I think that this is all more about the poster than the post? That it's a lashing-out against some personal rejection in his past? Because it sure sounds like this is the work of some guy who is insanely threatened by women with minds of their own.

Maybe we should refer him to Love-Shy. He'd be right at home.

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Anonymous said...

The lib is so archaeic [sic.] that they still buy into the old belief that a pretty woman is always stupid.

No a stupid woman is always stupid. Same for a stupid man.

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