Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lakers Take a 2-1 Lead

A few thoughts. It goes with out saying that Billy Kennedy is a hack and is as dishonest as Tim Donaghy ever was. In fact Donaghy himself gave the reason Kennedy hates Boston which may or may not be true. I know I have my beliefs why Kennedy, Crawford and Eddie F. Rush have a huge unprofessional anti-Boston bias and it has to do with Larry Bird and leave it at that. And don't forget to give Danny Crawford his due either. Never thought I would say this but the Tax cheat Bennett Salvatore was the only one calling a half honest game.

The Only two Lakers that did anything tonight were Fischer and Kardashian. Yes Kobe got his points but he was awful tonight and even was keeping Boston in the game when Boston had nothing else going for them. That Boston had a chance at this game late was do to Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant saying fuck you to his team-mates and taking bad shot after bad shot.

Garnett was great, Big Baby had a nice game Pierce did some goodthings in the second half but everytime Boston got momentum Kennedy or Crawford made sure to kill it with a foul call against Pierce.

Ray Allen was as bad tonight as he was good in the first half Sunday.

Boston played like shit much of the night so it's hard to lean too hard the Stern's Army but it's not like LA played worth a damn either. Bottom line is it's only 2-1. Game 4 is huge.

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