Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's Going To A Game 7.

LA Rolls Tonight.

Game 7 at LA.
They Have Popes Phil and Kobe who are 9 million and 0 when winning game 1 in a series.
Boston is beat up a little.
Really it's over. No excuse for LA not winning this. Series over really Boston has not shot. No really. Yep no shot for Boston.

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Jonathan said...

From the get-go, I knew the Lakers-Celtics series would go to a game 7. Kobe and his crew were not going to lay down and let Rondo and Doc Rivers walk all over them in game 6 and they proved it tonight. Nice to see L.A.'s bench players step up when Phil Jackson asked them to, which leads to this sad stat of the night. Boston's bench scored it's only points late in the 4th quarter...compared to L.A.'s which scored 24.

Game 7 will be epic, as both teams will, no doubt, go all-out to be crowned as basketball's best in 2010.

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