Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mark Noonan = Freak

A terrible tragedy occurs in Chicago:

At least 22 people were wounded in shootings around Chicago roughly between noon Saturday and noon Sunday, including a man who died Sunday morning after he was shot in the head, police said.

Nearly half of the 15 separate shootings appear to be gang-related, including the fatal incident, Chicago police Superintendent Jody Weis said Sunday. At least two of the other victims have refused to cooperate with police, "which makes the job of our detectives ... far more difficult," Weis said.

Weis characterized another shooting in the East Garfield Park neighborhood as "particularly disturbing" because it involved a woman who was eight months pregnant.

"Fortunately, she only suffered a graze wound," Weis said. "But it could have been much worse."

Police had no suspects in custody in the shootings, he said.

Now, it would take a certain kind of jerk-off to attempt to make a cold, calculating, political point after a tragedy. Mark Noonan has reached that level of out-right assholish-ness.

This is what the liberal break down of society brings – social collapse. 22 shootings in 24 hours! No one in custody…just another ho-hum day in Liberal Land.

Tired of the decay of our civilization? Good – but unless you do something about it, it’ll just get worse. No more pussy footing around – morality matters. All battles are, ultimately, religious battles – its not a matter of imposing a morality but of just what morality will be imposed. For 50 years we’ve had liberal morality imposed on us – and look where its got us?

Time to take it all back.

In case you didn't already know, Mark Noonan makes this call for morality, while living in the most moral-est, values-filled city in America Las Vegas, Nevada. The same town where you can't walk down the Strip without seeing advertisement for a strip club? The same town which hosts the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo every year, along with the AVN Awards (think the Oscars for the porn industry)?

Nevermind that its been a full day, and you're already blaming liberalism for the incident, as opposed to, say: the perpetrators who have not yet been found, or the economic policies that favor the wealthy and turn a near-blind eye to the low-income families and neighborhoods that become the hardest hit, and now have to turn to other methods to fend for themselves and their families....no its liberal morality that's bringing down society.

Just as my title says -

Mark Noonan = Freak


Anonymous said...

Now see if a guy would have just walked into a church and started shooting Nooner would have been ok with it.

theroachman said...

Mark was not a US citizen during the 1980s. US's largest murder rates of the 20th centry. The time when one party rulled most of the country. That party owned the US Presedency and California Govenor's office.

If Noonen was here ion the US at the time he would now be a Democrate beacuse those where the Saint Ronnie days...

Wait Noone was here...

What is POS

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