Monday, June 21, 2010

As I Said Yesterday Ranger Dope Posts Obama's Numbers Have Gone Down You Numbers Are Falling You Can Bet They Are Going Up

Obama's Numbers Improve

Also you may notice the new shout box. Leave a note. Yes I know I am inviting trollapollosa.


Anonymous said...

One term president.....I am surprised that even the far lefties like you still support this guy.

Hillary at least knows how to govern.

theroachman said...

trollapollosa funny word.

Bet the coward anon has never met a real far lefty.

Hey silly troll I'm a real far lefty and I voted for a woman for President.

Have not used that line since the election. I doubt the trolls have figured out the implications of that statement.

Anonymous said...


So you voted for Hillary? Too bad she didn't win as she most certainly would have done a better job than Obama.

Every day this guy is becoming more of a joke.

Tip - Dont elect someone that their only achievement has been a community organizer.

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