Thursday, June 17, 2010

Congratulations LA :Lakers.

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Laktards on running their record to 3-9 Against Boston all time. Sure you needed Boston to be at less than full speed and an officiating crew to give you 20 more free throws to do it. But you get it done. beat Boston 6 more times in a row and your franchise will be as good as theirs.

Anyway congratulations LA you deserve it. What counts is the score board. Yeah I thought Boston got fucked hard with the calls and yes I think Boston wins with a full line up but what was the excuse for that egg Tuesday? Either way I am damn proud of this team.

One Last thought. I give this series a B-. Yeah it went 7 games but rarely was it really well played. Tonight wasn't a great basketball game. This had nothing on the 84 series or even the 85 or 87 series LA won in 6. I guess looking at impartially if I could it's better than the 08 series because that was not a close series really 87 wasn't either LA won 3 of their 4 games pretty easily.


Jonathan said...

Pal Gasol and Ron Artest won this game for the Lakers. Brilliant job on Defense to make Kobe almost a non-factor in this thrilling game.

Anonymous said...

37 free throws and no Perkins to Box out didn't hurt. It may be time to bid Ray Allen adieu. We need some youth. Kinda tired of being proud of my teams in losing efforts.

Anonymous said...

BTW for the first time many classy laker fans showing up to call out their retarded brethren.

Anonymous said...

Now they are back to being their usual selves. You know cocky, illiterate, etc

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