Wednesday, June 23, 2010

But They Aren't Racist Oh No....

From Yahoo Answers

Should the Obama family dog have big floppy ears?

Maybe but a better idea would be to adopt a dog that is blind so it doesn't have to look at Michelle everyday, that should be classified as cruelty to animals.

a blind dog would be very fortunate not to have to look at MO or BO.

sure why not they are already taking out the rose garden and putting in a watermelon patch, changing the presidential seal from an eagle to a chicken, and no more turkey on thanksgiving now were having fried chicken.

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et said...

Aw, they're just jealous because Bo is tall, well-groomed and owned by a smart family...not by people who think anyone is remotely entertained by online holiday videos of their pet fitted with a webcam. Which, if not animal abuse, certainly qualifies as audience abuse.

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