Wednesday, June 2, 2010

They Also Love Cats...According To Gay Expert Ranger Bob

Twenty years ago, I attended an “open house” at my daughters school. One of the subjects discussed was a lesson plan called “ free to be you and me” which taught that homosexuals were normal.

I stood up and said “ Why is it that homosexuals have a much higher rate of suicide than heterosexuals? Why is it that
alcoholism is rampant in homosexuals? Why is it that the average life span is so much lower than heterosexuals?

Could it be because homosexuals have sexual intercourse with, lick, suck and eat human $hit?

I got thrown out, but the curriculum was not adopted ;-)

stephenjohnbanker, Free Republic 77 Comments [6/1/2010 7:04:49 AM]
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theroachman said...

And Ted Haggar thinks they still love him too

He is staring a new church in the bankrupt Colorado Springs.

The Springs really needs another non taxpaying RW religious nut.

The town cut out its Burglery Department, Park Trash pick up, unemployment office (RWs hate lazy people go figure), 25% of all street lights, pot hole repair, most snow removal and several other things. The mayor there also refused a mega grant from the Fed because it would foster lazy citizens. Colorado Springs is home to one of the countries largest Iraq/Afgan homeless vets populations and near by fort Carsen has had the highest death rates of any base since 2001. See RWers do care about Vets more the anti american left wingers kenyon born Obama supporters...

Anonymous said...

The Ranger taking to stealing ID's again get attention.

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