Monday, June 14, 2010

Arizona's "papers please" law now might extend to kids

Its bad enought this aparteid-lite law has been enacted in the Great State of Arizona, but now, that law could extend to the children of immigrants.

Buoyed by recent public opinion polls suggesting they're on the right track with illegal immigration, Arizona Republicans will likely introduce legislation this fall that would deny birth certificates to children born in Arizona — and thus American citizens according to the U.S. Constitution — to parents who are not legal U.S. citizens.

But the likely new bill is for the kids. While SB1070 essentially requires of-age migrants to have the proper citizenship paperwork, the potential "anchor baby" bill blocks the next generation from ever being able to obtain it. The idea is to make the citizenship process so difficult that illegal immigrants pull up the anchor and leave.

The 14 Amendment state the following on being born in the United States: "
All persons, born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States."

Apparently, the 14th Amendment doesn't mean shit to him.

Today, Pearce says, the 14th Amendment has been "hijacked" by illegal immigrants. "They use it as a wedge," he says. "This is an orchestrated effort by them to come here and have children to gain access to the great welfare state we've created." Pearce says he is aware of the constitutional issues involved with the bill and vows to introduce it nevertheless. "We will write it right."

I don't know what's more appauling: How Arizona lawmakers are adding more fuel to the contriversey, or that the Republicans are more and more confortable of exposing thier ugly, hateful side in this shameful episode.


Anonymous said...

One good thing coming out of these racist shits is that now they are in public view, as opposed to continuing with their hypocrisy.

Great move, gNOpigs and teabaggers!


Mark Bovine Koldys

et said...

Funny how the so-called "strict Constitutionalists" are only for "strictly the Constitution" when it suits their agenda, isn't it? Very sad and sorry behavior. Arizona, after I persuade my sister to move, please secede with Texas. You deserve each other. Maybe that GOP guy in NM who thinks that seeding the border with landmines is a good idea can be your Best Man.

Also, on the most practical and cynical level...way to go, GOP establishment, toward alienating and driving away one of the fastest-growing voter constituencies in the U.S....the Latino community. A truly brilliant extinctionalist strategy on your part.

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