Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Non Stop Clock Is Just Stupid.

I admit it. I have watch more World Cup this year than I have ever watched and while I have no problem admitting it's a better sport than I have given it credit for being, surely better than the shit sport of baseball for instance, the non stop clock is just stupid for so many reasons.

1. it's a harbinger for corruption. How do they decide how much stoppage time do they decide to put on the clock after a game is over? Seems to me the refs just pull the number out of their asses. You talk about an open door for corruption? Refs can just pick a number as big or small as they please to help or hurt the team they are working for.

2. Team A is up 3-2. OK they stall in the last 10 minutes fine. but when the stoppage time doesn't get stopped they start doing a fire safety drill. Look at Ghana today. The last 30 minutes was nothing but stop...drop...and roll. One player acted as if he were dead and needed to be taken off on a stretcher. Once he was out of the playing surface he jumped off of the stretcher and began to run around.

3. Team A makes a goal to go up 3-2 in stoppage time takes 45 minutes to celebrate said goal killing the clock.

4. When the ball goes out of bounds team with the lead stands there with it's fist up it's ass for 20 minutes before putting the ball in play.

Non stop clock sucks plain and simple and it makes the sport maybe the easiest sport to corrupt with officiating other than basketball.


Anonymous said...

Hi Count!

You have some very valid gripes about soccer. I bet you know of a bigger soccer fan, er, football fan who could explain better than I can.

Aside of that, and keeping in mind those same gripes, I do recommend you watch Argentina vs. Mexico.

I sure hope it will be a nail biter. It is the round of "all or nothing" games (just like USA learned).

Actually, there are a couple more games that seem very promising:

Germany vs. England
Spain vs. Portugal

And just like others are speculating, to me it looks like there will be another Brazil vs Argentina battle of the titans.

Mr. Mark Bovine Koldys

Anonymous said...

I'll watch it if I can. I am starting to enjoy the game.

Anonymous said...


Argentina 3:1 Mexico

Germany 4:1 England

That was pretty ugly.

Of course the underdogs were not favorites to win, but those results are embarrassing.

On the other hand, the Argentina - Germany match should be more interesting.

I am rooting for Argentina on this game.

Mr. Mark Bovine Koldys


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