Thursday, June 10, 2010

R.I.P. Big 12 Conference. 1996-2011

From Espn

"I always felt that the Big 12 was a little bit of a fragile conference due to the concessions made to Texas and that nature," said Kramer.



Anonymous said...

One thing we have learned from all of this. Texas was getting everything they wanted in the Big 12. They ran the whole show in the Big 12 and they ran the Big 12 in to the ground. So when Nebraska finally had the chance to say you know what? Fuck Texas and it's flunkies! Texas blamed Nebraska. This proves Texas is Texas in everything they do.

Jonathan said...

So what other shakeups will happen in College Football? I think Notre Dame will have even more pressure to join with a conference, and with the Big XII dissolved, it'll be interesting to see where the other teams will go.

Anonymous said...

Notre Dame will not go anywhere as long as they have their own TV deal. They have no reason to.

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