Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Somebody Needs Their Meds



Posted by: grjaznijkloun on Wed 6.30 8:55am

Oh and some Early who has already fell out of favor on his new board...

Insanity is true, but its so good to be crazy today.

Stoping in briefly..

Fuck GLP as of two or three days ago, they turned out to be run by paid trolls

Can't say Fuck America there, and I'm trying my best to encourage everyone I know who lives in the five Gulf state region to declare publicly their loyoalty by ceasing every opertuinty to loudly and proudly say, "FUCK AMERICIA."

I really have never considered myself an Americain even though I live here in Mississippi.

I'm more Choctaw than Americain and all you guys have ever done is fuck us out of everthing.

This time though we are going to win and I know how.

Its one of those comes around goes around kind of thing going on, you all will see, the US will be defeat in a couple of swift blows like nothing.

If anyone is interested I'm uploading a new video about as I type this.

But I'm not going to be posting here very ofter so you will have to find it yourselves.

Fuck America, everything it stands for, and everyone who stands with it.

Love peace and power

Posted by: early2it on Wed 6.30 12:08pm


theroachman said...

That Choctaw claim is new too me.

And it seems like something he would have played on a lot more then this new revelation

(snickers I use the word "revelation" in a paragragh about early)

Anyways out side the library today was a petition drive. Uggg... the basic knowlage level of the average teabager makes we weep.

The petition is an opt out of health care bill. They call it the anti-Obama Care bill. When they called me over they said this is a counter to "Obamacare" then they said I will pay my own insurance. Do you want to sign?

Ah no I dont sign petitions from people who do not even know what they are talking about. My kids grabbed me and pulled me into the library before I could say anymore. Which was probably a good thing. I do live in the district once represented by the bigot/scumbag Tom Trancado (sp?)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have the same patience for people who know not what they are talking about that I do.

et said...

Aw, poor early. He was even too crazy for GLP! Which leads me to ask...have we on the NHOT been complete and utter chumps for tolerating his posts all this time, and not entreating the mods to ban his sorry ass? Or maybe we just have unusual tastes when it comes to humor...

Anonymous said...

On The Subject of Early Cryptic message time. Two shit heads arguing on a message boards is good theater. One shit head and one good person is what it is. Two good people arguing on a message board is unfortunate two good people arguing over a shit head is tragic.

Anonymous said...

Oh an one last not so cryptic message. When said shit head says I am going to DON'T FOLLOW HIM OVER THERE.

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