Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's A Series

With two of their 4 best players giving them nothing and the officials bound and determend to give LA a 2-0 lead Boston maned up and got out of LA with a much needed split with a 103-94 victory tonight.

A few thoughts. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett were MIA and it's amazing Boston was able to stay in this game and eventually win it with those two giving them nothing.

Ray Allen was out of his fucking mind in the first half and Rondo was an all-star in the second half.

Black Mamba hit some circus shot including one at the end of the half that sent me in to an F-bomb tirade but for the most part he was kept in check. Gasol continues to be outstanding.

Boston won the bench battle with Big Baby, Tony Allen, Sheed and Nate Robinson all giving huge minutes after KG got in early foul trouble.

LA shot 41 free throws Boston shot 26 and there were about 10 intentional fouls shots that made it that close. Officiating is no excuse. You won in Cleveland getting fucked you you won in LA getting fucked.

Finally Doc's message to the team should be clear. The one game you bothered to play here 2 of our best players gave us nothing, The officials dicked us all night long and you still won. When you show up you are the better team.

Game 3 will be a riot.

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Anonymous said...

You have to love Phil and the 2 and 9ers. No really you have to pitty them much like Mr T. would. They shoot 39 free throws compared to Boston's 16 until the last 2 minutes when they start fouling on purpose and yet they are the one's whining.

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