Monday, June 28, 2010

I Think Early Qualifies As A Troll

I've never claim to be a prophet?

I'm a miracle worker, there's a big difference.

But good to hear from you

Posted by: early2it on Mon 6.28 12:48am

What miracle has Early performed? And why is he getting so defensive all of the sudden?


et said...

He's gotten really, really strange in the past month especially. And, yeah, really defensive and rude. Did you see Siobhan finally warned him to pipe down? I'm thinking his days are numbered...

Anonymous said...

This is one of the reasons why mental illnesses are so baffling to people around the ill.

I don't know Early, but I wish him well and the best to his family.

It is not an easy thing to deal with.

Mr. Mark Bovine Koldys

Anonymous said...

Having a Brother who acts exactly like Early I can tell you there comes a point where you just say get help or go away. even with the high level of mental illness involved.

Anonymous said...

And just like my Brother Early acts like the world is nuts and out to get him and he is perfectly fine.

Jonathan said...

He's gotten really, really strange in the past month especially.

Like he hasn't been really, really strange and defensive and rude before?

theroachman said...

ET said:

"He's gotten really, really strange in the past month"

I would never have thought that was possible.

et said...

C'mon, guys - you have to admit his latest efforts have taken it to a whole new level!!

Anonymous said...

Oh the excitement of newshounds. Ahhh good times for all.

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