Monday, June 21, 2010

Thank You.

I'd like to take the time to thank ET, Jonathan and both of our other readers for putting up with all of the sports talk of the last 3 months while the NBA playoffs were going on and the re-alignment of college football which involved Nebraska. I know these are not topics that many people (ok nobody besides me) care about but they are of importance to me. I apologize again for boring the reader with these topics. Honestly I did not expect the Boston Celtics to last much past the first round of the NBA Playoffs and they came with in 5 points of winning the whole thing. Minus the somewhat crappy ending the ride was as exciting for me as it was boring for you. Second of all I was hopeful yet not convinced Nebraska would do what was unquestionably the right thing and tell Texas to go screw itself. Even though the decision was one that in my opinion was a no brainier, keep in mind this is Nebraska where many people consider a change of underwear something to be carefully considered before going forth. But today I erased two posts from Ranger Dope one saying he wished Sarah Palin was his neighbor and one talking about how bad Obama was doing in the polls (I checked Gallup he's gone up 3 pts.) so thinks must be getting back to normal.


et said...

No worries whatever, Count! This is your sandbox for your topics, and we're just glad to be invited over for a play-date. :-)

Jonathan said...

I'm not totally big on NBA action, the regular season at least, but the playoffs are usually exciting. Plus, if my Padres are in the Playoffs this year, then i'd so do the same things you did over the last three months.

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