Sunday, June 13, 2010

3-2! And Now The Pressure Is On The 2-9ers. And Some Board Business

First some board business. I really don't want to do so but I am thinking of going to some sort of moderation system that would require either a yahoo account or the typing of a code. We are getting 15 I am new here spams a day.

Second of all 3-2! The Pressure is on LA for the first time! Kobe Bryant had a huge game but got no help from his team-mates, or without letting his team-mates give any help, If it's Kobe on 5 I'll take that every-time. And it's not like Boston played worth a shit tonight either. It's amazing that with all of the talking from everybody from Their fans, Their media and their organization that they now have to win 2 and a row to avoid 10-2.


Jonathan said...

Again, this will go to a do-or-die Game 7. There is now way in hell that the Celtics are going humiliate Kobe on his home court. Kobe's going to light a fire under guys like Gasol and Odom to get their shit together for Game 6 at the Staples Center, or else heads will begin to roll.

Anonymous said...

Guys like Gasol and Odom can't stand Kobe because Kobe can't stand them.

The best of Kobe came out tonight but so did the worst of Kobe. The Kobe that shits on his team-mates. Don't be so quick to give game 6 to LA just yet. Especially if Kobe doesn't let anybody else touch the ball.

Anonymous said...

Another reason not to just hand this to LA Tuesday.

Boston is the better team. If they play defense like they played in games 4 and 5 they'll be alright.

et said...

Count, on our web site I found that adding a "captcha" - the typed code that bots can't "read" - cut down the spam to almost nothing, so I'd try that before any heavy-duty moderation, if Blogger has that feature. I think I had it on the RR For Pres site for a while.

Anonymous said...

Hi Count!

Re: Spam

I've heard some good comments about this

But I've never used it, so I cannot comment on its effectiveness or ease of implementation.

The authors say it is a free service. So if it doesn't take much time away from you, it would be worth exploring.

Mr. GleenJeffyBovineKoldys

theroachman said...

go with the login reduces spam and may be easier to ban numb nuts like my stocker George.

Jonathan said...

Remember, Count, that Gasol, Odom, Byrum, and Fisher didn't show up for game 5 and placed it squarely on Bryant. The lesson that the Lakers should have taken from Cleveland's exit is that you can't soley rely on your star player to win you games. If I could say the biggest issue I have seen with the Lakers is this: they think they can "turn it on" and dominate no matter what. Youcan only do it so many times before you find yourself against a team that has the momentum, and the heart to win it all, before the time you decide to get to business and start to play, you may already be in a situation where it's too little and too late. I think, becasue of the Lakers' arrogance toward the playoffs throguht the years, might finally come back to haunt them on Tuesday, but I still believe Kobe won't be KO'd in front of his home crowd on Tuesday night.

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