Tuesday, June 22, 2010

my new layout

I've taken the Count's lead and changed my layout. Check it out and tell me what ya'll think.


Anonymous said...

I think something can be added to utilize that space to the right of the pic. But that could take a bit of time to fine tune.

Maybe cropping (sorry) the photographer to the left of the picture AND adding another picture of President Obama signing the HC reform bill.

Also the headline. It takes quite a bit of space. I know the "look" can be affected by screen resolution and other geek factors, but as I type this, I see one "search box" by blogger at the very top of the page AND another search box from the giggles right under the shout out box.

The "disclaimer" appears right under John T's name. It needs a couple of spaces between the two lines and maybe the explicit use of the word "Disclaimer"

Sorry for nitpicking, but you asked!


Mr. Mark Bovine Koldys

Anonymous said...

the second search box gives more specific search results.

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