Thursday, June 3, 2010

Game 1 To LA.

102-89 LA.

LA kicked Boston's ass tonight let's just get that out of the way. I think it was somewhat encouraging that Boston had a chance in hell of winning this game for much of the 4th quarter when they had played so poorly for the first 3 quarters.

LA played defense tonight and defense wins championships period end of story.

I fucking hate Pau Gasol believe me I do but he was brilliant tonight. He schooled Kevin Garnett all night long. The stats may not suggest as much but Garnett was Pau's bitch tonight. If the Lakers continue to play better defense and Gasol continues to school Garnett that badly this series will not end well for Boston.

The only Boston starter who really brought it was Paul Pierce. Rondo was ok Allen was in foul trouble right of the bat (that 5th foul was a joke BTW) and Garnett shot it well but otherwise played very poor tonight. I love ya KG but you played like shit as I am sure you'll admit.

Not going to dog the Officials tonight because the team that played the best for the longest period of time won the game and I don't think they were un fair towards one team or the other but I really thought they were over officious especially early in the game on both sides. The first half was nothing but free throws. And how is it Wallace or Perkins get a technical foul for almost nothing and Lamar Kardashian is allowed to take the ball pout and do a trot with it with no call?

Anyway the good news is it was only game 1. The bad news is this was such a complete win for LA it's hard to generate much hope at the moment. if LA continues to dominate on the defensive end and Gasol continues to school Garnett LA will win this series...easily.

One thing as a Boston fan I am discouraged about. This team hasn't played a good game in the last 4. Yeah the beat Orlando pretty bad last Friday but they didn't play all that well. They need to play a helluva a lot better than they have played since game 3 or the Orlando series.


Jonathan said...

The Lakers simply outplayed and overpowered the Celtics in Game 1 tonight. And you're completely right about Gasol making Garnet his whipping boy. Game 2, I think, will be the indicator of where this series is heading: if L.A. takes Game 2, this series might be sooner than I personally predicted (my belief is that this series will go to 6 or 7; I feel that the Lakers win it all, but Boston won't go down quietly).

Anonymous said...

Jonathan plug your ears. Laker fans I would say 80% of them at least are the most obnoxious pieces of shit on the planet. Not to mention functionally illiterate.

Jonathan said...

Count, i'm not a Lakers fan, so feel free to blast away. :)

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