Friday, June 4, 2010

Rampage Jackson "Acting Is Kinda Gay"

UFC superstar Rampage Jackson makes his major acting debut in the upcoming movie The A-Team along with co-stars Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper and Jessica Biel.

He takes over the part of B.A. Baracus made famous by Mr. T on television.

But while Jackson seems to be ready for his closeup he doesn't seem totally comfortable in his own skin.

"Acting is kind of gay," Jackson told Chris Lee of the Los Angeles Times of his experience filming in Vancouver. "It makes you soft. You got all these people combing your hair and putting a coat over your shoulders when you're cold. I don't want a coat over my shoulders! I'm a tough-ass (expletive)!

"Vancouver strikes me as a San Francisco-kind of place. And I don't want (expletive) getting ideas about me. I feel in my heart I'm the toughest (expletive) on the planet. And I don't want nothing changing my train of thought. If you don't believe that when we step inside the octagon, it shows."


It's kinda funny that Rampage calls acting "kinda gay" yet this is what he does for a living


Anonymous said...

BTW I hate UFC and all MMA. Ground fighting is damn boring.

et said...

Vancouver is a "San Francisco type of place," actually. That's a GOOD thing. I love Vancouver.

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