Saturday, June 12, 2010

Darth Vader has a mental disorder

The Sith Lord would find their lack of faith in his belief in the Force disturbing.

A letter to the editor in the journal Psychiatry Research explores just what is wrong with Vader. French researchers posit that Vader exhibits six out of the nine criteria for borderline personality disorder. Unstable moods, interpersonal relationships, and behaviors are all characteristics of this condition, according to the National Institutes of Mental Health. It affects 2 percent of adults, mostly young women.

The young Anakin Skywalker was separated from his mother at an early age, and his father was absent, factors that could have contributed to borderline personality disorder. His "infantile illusions of omnipotence" and "dysfunctional experiences of self and others" are also indicative of this condition from an early age.

Now psychiatrists are diagnosing famous movie characters? At least it explains why Anakin was such a whiny punk in the prequel trilogy.


Anonymous said...

As I said before and I'll say again. Should any of us be surprised that Anakan was a whiny brat? Remember his Son was much worse.

et said...

Well, they're running out of old TV series to resurrect as feature films...people have to do SOMETHING!

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear...!

When was the last time an evil genius DIDN'T have "issues"?


Karl Rabbies
The shit flinging Baboon Beck
mAnn Coulter
Turd Delay
traitor Liddy
Dr. Weiners
Pappy Bush and his monumental failure of a son
Mc5th Choice
Batshit crazy Bachmann
Moose Boogers
"I won't save my self for marriage, but I'll adopt anyway" Ingraham
Mark Koldys

and that crazy lady in the morning show.

Not "look at my panties and you'll know what time of the month it is" Gretchen. Not her, but Doochey bag.

Sometimes it is easy to get them mixed.

Mr. Mark "I don't do personal attacks" Koldys

theroachman said...


but it should be noted that most jedi knights are taken from thier parents at an early age. And vadar is not the only one to turn bad. And also note it was not Luke but his father Vadar who was the one to resort balance in the universe in the end. Just as the prophecy said he would.

i know too much

theroachman said...

resort = restore

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