Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dear Tom Osborne:

Dear Tom Osborne:

First of all let me just say that I respect you and I am glad that you are the person in charge of our athletic department at these trying times and not some other people who have been in charge in the recent past. I have complete faith you will make the correct decision on whether or not to go to the Big 10. I however want to urge you to not be swayed by the mounting voices of opposition from Kansas and Iowa.

I am old enough to remember times in Lawrence, Manhattan and Ames when there were 30,000 people in the crowd and 28,000 were from Nebraska. Without Nebraska these schools would have been out of the Big 8 long ago. We kept their Athletic department alive when they were giving out free tickets in the super market with every purchase of bread. How did they repay us?

Iowa State won't sell tickets to the game to Nebraska fans. A Nebraska fan has to buy season tickets. Kansas made Nebraska fans buy tickets to 3 games last year to get the ticket. It was only after their season fell a part and their program became mired in a coaching fiasco that single tickets became available for $90 a cost much higher than any other ticket. Kansas State likewise charges Nebraskan's a $30 or $40 mark-up on tickets. Bill Snyder, your friend, has told Kansas State not to sell tickets to Nebraskans. These are the same ingrates who are now begging you not to join the Big 10 because of what would happen to them.

Also Dr. Tom please keep in mind that every-time you have tried to do what was best for the schools in the Big 12 north they have voted against you and sabotaged their own interest. Now that the chickens have come home to roost they turn to you and beg for their survival.

I have the ultimate faith that you will make the right decision on this issue but I beg you to make it with Nebraska in mind and not Kansas, Kansas State and Iowa State. If you do they will be grateful to Nebraska for maybe a day before stabbing Nebraska in the back again and continuing to treat Nebraska's fan like dirt.

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