Friday, July 31, 2009

Barack Obama is a lucky bastard today

His team, the White Sox, have acquired one of the best pitchers in the National League.

Jake Peavy(notes), disabled since mid-June and already once having rejected a trade to the Chicago White Sox, was traded in the moments before the trading deadline to the White Sox for four players.

In return for the 2007 Cy Young Award winner the Padres received four pitchers – lefties Clayton Richard and Aaron Poreda and righties Dexter Carter and Adam Russell.

The Sox are just 2 1/2 our of the AL Central Race. With Peavy, They've got more than a damn good shot of taking out Detroit for the top spot.

A big old fuck you to VP Sandy Alderson and Owner John Moores. These two assholes let this team burn when they kicked Bruce Bochy to the curb in 2006....after they won the NL West for a second straight year.

I hope you're happy, fuckers.....cause you two (if there's any justice left in this world) pricks should be run outta SD on a fucking rail.

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