Monday, July 13, 2009

A Troll That Changes His Name ( kinda) And Defends Himself Is A Lonely Troll

Do you post anything besides flippant remarks? JoeAxe was responding to this misleading article with a pointed rebuttal. Have you actually read Holdren's book? If not I'd advise you to keep your snide remarks to yourself. Disparaging comments such as yours only reveal "liberals" as no different then the political zealots they supposedly despise.

Get ready for our friend EtJ

You so called liberals need to wake up. Bush was bad and so is Obmama. Both sides are controlled by the global elite. Notice how Obama's policies are pretty much the same as Bush's? Holdren actually wrote a book advocating these policies so how are the "right wing" people making this up when it's in his own book? Stop being good Democrats and good Republicans and start being good Americans.


Suicide Bob Checks in

Priscilla (author of the article) you may want to dig a little deeper - this wasn't "frothing at the mouth" by Alex Jones or Mr. Horowitz but in fact what Holdren calls for word for word in a book that he co-authored in 1977. The very fact that he even considers putting anti-fertility drugs into the food/water supply, taking people's children away, having forced abortions, or inducing infertility at puberty and requiring citizens to get approval from the government before they can have children (yes, it's all in his book and there are screenshots to prove it) as a solution to a hypothetical environmental problem is insane to all but the most hardcore eugenicists (Hitler would probably approve of his views wholeheartedly).


Chris said...


so he defends himself with a new name (kinda) and can't spell? wow, this guy is batting a 1,000 (LOL)

and I thought I was bad when I acted like a troll their

Chris said...

Count: I love the troll comment section of the blog and I must tell you I took a old one (back in 08) and put it on my blog. I did credit your blog.

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