Thursday, July 23, 2009

About The Poll Question

The reason why I ask is I absolutely do not believe that such a thing as a Psychic exists. I believe that we are creatures of habit. We can be studied and reasonable conclusions can be reached by those studies. For example I can tell you that there will be more war in the future but this statement just means I know enough to know that man loves war it doesn't mean I psychically forecast the next war. When Oklahoma plays Idaho State this year in football knowing what I know about both teams leads me to forecast that Oklahoma will win the game by a huge margin. If it happens as it should that Oklahoma beats Idaho State badly I won't be psychic I'll just have known that Oklahoma is a much better football team than Idaho State.

And that example is the prime reason I think Psychic phenomenon is a joke. Can you imagine the money to be made if Sylvia Brown was legit? I mean other than bilking the truly stupid. I would be In Vegas 24/7 using my psychic powers to their full advantage. I'd know what other cards the dealer or the other players around the table would have so I could win a fortune. I would know what number was coming up on the wheel at roulette. I would be betting on winners in every sport imaginable. Hey It's not like the gift comes and goes right? You have it or you don't. And until you prove to me otherwise I say you don't.

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et said...

I have to disagree somewhat with you, Count. Though I think it's partly because we look at that word "psychic" a little differently. I don't view it as an absolute, crystal-ball, here's what color underwear you have on and next week's winning lottery numbers. But I do think it's possible to tap into a different, usually hidden, level of energy and to find there insights you don't encounter on the surface in the course of everyday human interaction.

As an example...when I first encountered Tarot, an acquaintance at a party was giving readings, and being the huge skeptic I was I decided, OK, I'm going to do all that I can to throw her off. So I told her that I was having problems with a relationship at work and wanted to know more about where it was headed. I tried to imply that it was a romantic entanglement, when in fact I was having to deal with daily roadblocks from a woman who seemed to fancy herself the Vice President Of Photocopying, in between watching her daily soap operas on a tiny TV she hid behind her desk.

So she starts my reading, and right away says that it's a trivial problem with a female co-worker, and that I should ignore it and it will blow over.

I and a few others took a few classes from her, but she was so fixated on tying Tarot to Kabbalah that I abandoned that pretty quickly and taught myself.

Something happens when I read the cards, Count. At one Hallowe'en gathering I read for three hours straight, mostly for people I didn't know. I always give querents the option to either ask a specific question, or not...and on that night, even with most of them not offering me a specific question, I was absolutely dead on. I can't tell you how many times I heard "HOW did you know THAT?" And I don't B.S. people with tall dark strangers coming into their lives or make cynical calculations about what they want to hear.

I did a reading for a friend on how a recent job interview she'd been on for a position in a completely different field had gone, turned over the last card, and announced "...and they will make you an offer." And immediately said, "Did I say that? There's going out on a limb." But, they did, the very next day.

I also believe that it is possible, both alone but especially in a group, to raise and project that energy in ways that impact our lives for the better. I won't go into detail on that here lest I start sounding like I'm channeling early or something...but I've participated in and also been a beneficiary of such energies, and I know that Kim and IB and Ori, at the very least, would say the same.

So, no, no psychics in the sense of people who can give you fortune cookies that work...but in the form of something more ineffable, then, yes.

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