Friday, July 10, 2009

Open Thread Friday And Twitter

Jonathan since you put you twitter page on private it's asking for a password everytime I click on the page or do anything here. No big deal just annoying.

Anyway more to say later maybe. Either way Open Thread Friday.

Edit From The Count:

Man I have almost forgotten about what surely has to go down as man's greatest folly in the world of music the 8 track or super 8 tape until watching Stephen Colbert last night who reminded me of the horror.

How did these things suck let me count the ways.

First they were bulky as hell and the sound was sub par. A song would be on 2 tracks so it would stop in the middle of a song click to a new track and then resume the song in the middle. Songs often repeated before you heard new songs and the things were pieces of shits. They were always breaking down or getting ate in the machine. God these things sucked. Amazingly not only were these things popular they stayed popular for about 15 years.

Late Edit from Jonathan: This is hilarious. In honor of the new movie Bruno I present actor Sasha Baron Cohen at his best as Borat.


Jonathan said...

Shit. I wasn't counting on that.

Let me fix that right now....

Jonathan said...

Ok Count, you should be able to log in on here without asking for a password.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jonathan. :)

woke said...

Hi frickin Larryous!

I cannot believe how Sasha Cohen can dupe rwrs into stunts like this one....I have re watched Borat several times and pick up another huge ROFL each time I do so.

The spectacle of these dupes singing along is priceless!

I saw him out of character on Letterman. He said Borat created over 200 lawsuits.

Sarcasm, irony and satire are all lost on humor challenged indoctrinated

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