Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday Open Thread

I figured out that the biggest mistake the climate change folks made in making their argument is letting their argument get labeled "Global warming". While this is of course technically a true label for the problem it has allowed the truly moronic among us to deny it's existence. The problem is people don't believe the universe exists outside of their little corner of it. Especially conservatives who think we should all speak English because Jesus did himself. So Nebraska has had the coolest July anybody can remember. It's 75 degrees today and that has been give or take 5-8 degrees about where it has been all month. The month ends tomorrow and for the month we will have had 1 day over 90... Unheard of.

The flip side of this is the Pacific Northwest where it's been 600 degrees and the poor people who live their are dying. So take Omaha and Portland. It's 75 in one and 106 in the other and while neither temperature is a unheard of for those two cities the thing is the 75 should be Portland and the 106 Omaha. Climate change is real folks.

Anyway Open thread Thursday:)


Anonymous said...

Cryptic message time. There is a poster on Newshounds on the Main board (though he's made it a point to say that everybody who posts on the main board is fucking idiot) and on off topic who has a terrible superiority complex.

This far from unreasonable message was left on the main board...

"I suppose President Obama goes to sleep at night hating half his heritage...

Beck is an idiot!!
krusty | 07.30.09 - 5:50 pm | #"

Brother superior decided to take this statement and tell the world again how great his...

"Beck is an idiot only if one is dumb enough to believe Fox is actually news, otherwise he is just little brighter than those who actually watch him, like you!
| 07.30.09 - 11:11 pm | # "

Maybe Krusty, like myself, has never watched Beck a day in his life and yet still knows about the bullshit Beck is spewing.

Anonymous said...

Then there Oklad who appears to be Drunk. Not Newshounds finest hour.

Anonymous said...

Friends don't let friends post on message boards hammered.

et said...

I hear ya, Count. We all have our moments when the teakettle must either squeal with escaping steam, or explode. From my NH friends and family I can always cope with a little squealing steam.

Also, "Squealing Steam" would be a good name for a band. ;-p

et said...

Also, to the topic that opened your thread, it was mind-numbingly hot in Victoria yesterday. Approx. 95 in Fahrenheit terms, with upwards of 50% humidity. That all but NEVER happens here. Things seem to be getting back to normal but it's anyone's guess. My flowerboxes and a fair proportion of the veg are completely fried.

Bring on the autumn!

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