Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Chris And Off Topic.

I am sorry for starting a thread singling you out like this but I have to ask you about some things.

First of all you have been courteous here and with me so I don't have a problem with you but I have received a few warnings from members of off topic and was told to read this thread.

Newshounds off topic

Now I am in the process of reading the thread and while I don't agree with much of what you have been saying I still hadn't seen any reason to bring up a separate thread here until I read this.

Did you post this on Newshounds to Anisha?

Posted by: Anisha PbD on Sat 5.2 8:05pm

"butt out, I'm not talking to you little girl. when will you stop your attacks on me??"

Posted by: Chris G on Sat 5.2 8:22pm

I see the newsliars think i'm my brother klye

chris | 05.14.09 - 7:32 pm | #

I have been banned on Newshounds for something I have said here and thought it was wrong so I am not going to tell you to stop posting here for something you said on newshounds, again I haven't seen any reason to do so because you have been very courteous here. But the newshounds gang has been good to me and I don't care for people to talk to any of them in this manner. Especially when you yourself admit that you are in your 20's.


Anonymous said...

count: Yes I did all that. I have no excuses. And yes I'm in my 20s

Anonymous said...

No excuses...but apparently no regrets, either? Not everyone at Newshounds gets along on every issue, but most are big enough to own up and apologize when unwritten interpersonal lines are crossed.

Anonymous said...

I do have regrets anonymous and I'm paying the price for my actions. Plus the fact i didnt handle my differences with newshounds very well. I'm sorry, but that MIGHT (i dont know) fall on "deaf" ears,so I have my own blog, and I post here, I will let my actions speak for me. If anyone of the newshounds want to contact to me, they are more than welcome to it. actions speak louder than words.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't hold my breath on that score, Chris. In the blogosphere, your words are your actions, and authenticity once lost is very hard to recapture.

Anonymous said...

your right anonymous-so after my latest I'm sorry, I will let my actions on my blog and here, speak for themself

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