Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The View From My Ass


Now this is her Avatar...

Now I don't mean to be rude...ok yes I do, I am no prize in the looks category but I make no claims of looking good either. This woman, I think she's a woman, swears she is looking good and yet her avatar is a man in a bad wig. I swear I don't go looking to insult people but sometimes I just can't help it. On her? his? Twitter page Cubachi wrote...

"@talkradiohost Real men support conservative women! Wear it as a badge of honor. Lol!" I couldn't let that one pass. I responded "@Cubachi If you say so since I am almost certain judging by your avatar that you are a real man."

The Palinistas are real joy. Since the person they most admire has an IQ of roughly 4 that means that all of their IQ's are in fact lower than 4. And reading their tweets of which I will have more for you come
Wednesday or Thursday can be at times both high comedy and very alarming. One can only take great comfort in the fact that the Cubachi's of the world usually do not vote.

Speaking Of Dipshits and Palinistas Ranger Bob is back on off topic of Newshounds. ( This guy is probably a good guy but he goes by Ranger Bob and he his features are sufficient for our purposes )

This time going by the oh so masculine name of "Jolly Roger" which I guess is better than my choice for him which was "Fruity Pebbles"

for a fairly comprehensive list of just how big of a douche-bag the Ranger is and a look at hid 10,000 other alias' I would recommend clicking this linky here and you can judge for yourself.

Amongst his best lies...

Dad was a doctor for the New York Yankees.
Lived next door to Dennis Johnson
Graduated from Cal, UCLA, Cornell
Had sex with Linda Ronstadt
Served in the Vietnam war at age 2

Well you get the point.

Fuck Brett Favre. What does that have to do with the rest of this rant? Nothing. But fuck him. Fuck him high, fuck him hard, fuck him so much he never dare show his face again. Just fuck him and get him the fuck out of here.

speaking of fucking nuts... I am a birther. I demand to see this woman's birth certificate...

To see if she was in fact born on the planet Earth.

Memo to Ex-Whiny ass governor and all around idiot Sarah Palin your hoodie

Didn't have a fucking thing to do with politics. If you would have looked closer you rotten side of moldy cheese, you would have saw that it was in fact a New England Patriots hoodie you stupid bag of hot gas. I am so glad she is no longer in politics at least for the moment. I can finally call the Whore of Wasilla what she really is... Of course I called her the Whore of Wasilla when she ran for Vice President. If the name fits and all of that. I know some of you get squeamish at the term whore but this woman is a whore and you need not even have to bother to touch or discuss her private sex life she is a whore in oh so many ways.

But alas I think her hundreds of fans should take her advice and stop making things up. Things like The President was born in Kenya and hasn't shown his Birth Certificate, They kill people in Canada in stead of curing them, the few that do get cured come to America., that Canadians hate their health care, That Conservatives respect the constitution and that most of all that Sarah Palin is a good and effective leader who never quits on her fans. As cancon1 told me on twitter Sarah Palin will be the president of the United States in 2012. Oh and he loves Stephen Harper because he is a good conservative man. Now Cancon 1 made me feel better about my Country. It made me feel good to know that Canada also had some losers it wasn't just the United States, but you talk about making things up?


Count Istvan



et said...

I simultaneously shudder at and await with eager anticipation the prospect of an "unleashed" Palin free to speak her so-called mind on Twitter, free from the restraining hand of public office. Who knows what nuggets of...something...that will provide to us?

Anonymous said...

Maybe I should feel bad since I wrote this Cubachi changed her avatar. I should but I don't.

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