Friday, July 31, 2009

Oh Yay! My Congressman Is A Birther.

Ultracrazy Orly Taitz has a blog that has been up since April. She is of course of the nutcase birthers and she defends soldiers who enlist and then decide...uh they really are chickenshits after all. On her blog she is showing all of the members of Congress who are her friends on facebook. That Crazy ass Michelle Bachman is one of them is no surprise. That my Congressman Lee Terry is also one of them is. Don't get me wrong as I said on Ms. Taitz blog (and somehow I don't think she'll put up my post) I knew he was fucking worthless, I just didn't know he was fucking nuts.

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et said...

Stephen Colbert had her on earlier this week, and if her triple credentials as a dentist, lawyer and real estate agent weren't enough, in person she came across like Charo doing a very, very bad comedy sketch on an old Carol Burnett show.

It really is like a visit to the sideshow watching the RW these days.

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