Saturday, July 25, 2009

Shout Out To The Maine Coon Cat Lovers

This is not my Cat DJ but he could easily be. He looks just like this. They are the greatest cats in the world. They Don't get very mad they are lovers and they are damn smart.


et said...

Oh, they are lovely! I got caught up in a National Geographic special on cats tonight, about scientists using DNA tracking to identify where in the world cats were first domesticated...or, I should say, first domesticated US.

Anonymous said...

It's so funny I had Victory who was small and well not real sociable other than maybe 4 or 5 people. I would always tell friends that she was a different cat with me then with them. She would also go out of her way to hit Spud or any other animal in the house. Now DJ is about twice her size if not more and if he were anymore Mellow he would be dead. He doesn't give a chosen few a lot of love like Victory but he's pleasant to all...on his terms of course.

Melissa said...

Beautiful cat. We have a maine coon as well, who looks similar to, but a little bit different from the one pictured here. Her maine is lighter and has a slightly different texture than this one.

She is fairly loving and definitely quite intelligent. That said, she does have a tendency to dominate other cats, even males, and we're just lucky that she gets along well with our other female cat with out a scuffle here or there. She also is likely to act out by scratching, or at least trying to, me. When she's on her back, watch out. :)

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