Friday, July 31, 2009

Look Out Jon...Now You've Gone And Pissed Off Rush.

Jon Stewart has now earned the wrath of Rush Limbaugh for getting Bill Kristol to admit on The Daily Show that government run healthcare works. Limbaugh said that Stewart is a sell out for using the military as healthcare example, because liberals like Stewart hate the military. Ugh, so now Rush is going after Jon Stewart.

Limbaugh first didn’t know what The Daily Show was, and then called it that comedy show that young people think is real news. Limbaugh said, “The thing that gets me about this, I know Jon Stewart is a state run lib Democrat, and if he is having to resort to pointing to the military as something that works to sell a program, that‘s a huge sellout, because these people hate the military.”

In Rush’s mind, Jon Stewart is a liberal Democrat, which I am sure is a relief to Bill Clinton after the years of nightly beatings he took from Stewart during the last couple of years of his term. Secondly, Comedy Central is state run media, really? I didn’t realize South Park was a government run media project. Rush implies that Stewart is some sort of agent of left who is selling Obama’s policies to the young.

Stewart isn’t selling anyone’s programs. He can be very critical of both political parties, which is why his show is so successful. It isn’t a liberal or a conservative program. It is a half an hour of current events comedy. Limbaugh would be wise to pay attention to Stewart, because it is his audience that supported Obama in such large numbers in 2008.

Unlike Limbaugh’s old, angry, white man listenership, Stewart’s viewers will be shaping elections for years to come, so dismissing his program as a comedy show that young people think is real news is dumb thing to do. Stewart isn’t a sellout for pointing out the holes in the Republican healthcare argument. A sellout is someone like Rush Limbaugh who goes on the air everyday and acts as a propagandist for the Republican Party. Limbaugh is the very definition of a sellout.


et said...

Limbaugh is absolutely unable to envision anyone as anything but a conduit for someone's preferred ideology because, let's face it, that's all HE is, himself. It's like someone who's being bribed finding it impossible to believe that everybody else isn't on the take.

Thankfully, the audience for Rush's brand of bluster is dwindling. The day is coming when his only fallback career will be to rent himself out as a bouncy castle at KKK-friendly day care concerns.

ZIRGAR said...

I wish someone would shove a hat tree up Limbaugh's doughy white ass and toss him into a wood chipper. He's the single worst person in this country in the realm of politics and punditry. Maybe the worst, period. That anyone would take this "entertainer" seriously, is a pathetic state of affairs. Honestly, if I ever met this fucknut out in public I'd puch his face out through the back of his fat head. I hate the fucker and I make no apologies for it.

ZIRGAR said...

I meant push, not puch. lol

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