Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tweeting With The Cons

Today's Conservative Tweeter.

Is Linda D. Or as she likes to be called Rockonrobin!

Linda's bio states...

"Love my 3G technology: God, Guns and GOP."

Last night Linda sent me a message and our convo started thusly

@CountIstvan that's her appeal. She doesn't fit the pre-designed mold and does things her way. Palin is a breath of fresh air

@rockonrobin So her ignorance is a breath of fresh air? The air must be awfully damn stale where you live.

@rockonrobin BTW maybe if you figure out that Guns and The GOP don't equal God there might be some hope for you. Though I doubt it.

@CountIstvan see, I never said they equal, God gave us the guns and GOP as weapons

@CountIstvan The air here is wonderful and refreshing, just like Sarah Palin...no cigars either .

After starting a conversation with me she ended up blocking me. As I said on twitter...

Somebody finds me, starts conversation with me, blocks me after said conversation. Thanks Twitter. it's like I am single and dating again.

Anyway Here is some of the best of the best of RockonRobin

What gives anyone the right to put the IRS gun to my head and take my possessions and give them to the indolent and lazy? #tcot

RT @dailyobamajokes: Obama has taught their new dog to beg. Last night he came home with $4.35

RT @msbeeee: I still can't believe that the United States of America is actually facing a socialist takeover...

Has any1 noticed the anger and frustration in BHO's face since he realized we might just not go 4 his health care reform fiasco?

It is pure fear and I don't think he likes losing control but can't help himself

LOL RT @KEWT1: Yes Robin! He gives us the "stink eye" every time we remind him that it's WE THE PEOPLE, not: ME, PREZ, YOU, PLEBEIAN!!!

When Obama stops being Robin Hood, takers will literally steal what they're not getting anymore. We are heading for civil war.We better get our guns now to protect what Obama leaves us, if anythingMy new bumper sticker....Don't blame me, I voted for PalinWho was it that said the "Free Press" is owned by liberals. Saw it on tv last night, maybe @glennbeck

Friend just accused me of being obsessed w/politics. Says there's nothing we can do about Obama. Yes, she's a lefty that doesn't like BHO

RT @dailyobamajokes: 99% of liberals give the rest a bad name

@AKGovSarahPalin just wnt U 2 know we're watching U rise in the polls, almost even w/obama, despite friv. allegations & MSM. Palin Rocks

Wish I could wake up 2morrow & find that the last 7 months w/Obama was ONLY a nightmare & that he really lost the election. Nightmare is

ahead of us, I'm afraid. But I have faith in the Conservative movement taking place. We will prevail!!

The only acceptable left turns are at Nascar on the track.

Getting frustrated w/Obama's teleprompter head swing left....right....left....right. nevr straight ahead, cnt C eye 2 eye & window 2 soul

@AKGovSarahPalin is growing in popularity, faster than any relevant conservative hopeful 4 2012. left just cnt deal w/ it -takes cheap shots

We conservatives are gaining momentum, Obama is losing momentum....fast. Waterloo...Oh Waterloo...Where will u meet ur waterloo

No, Obama did not pitch a strike in All-Star Opening...the only thing he is pitching is bad policy. Palin in 2012. She's got the arm 4 it

I just cnt understand y the libs dont C this. Do they think they will B put ahead of Consv's on transplant list. Second thought, they might

I think most Dems are poor misguided souls. Some of my best friends r democrats. I no how that sounds....it was intentional...lighten up

@SwagDonors That's why we will have a new prez in 2012. Hopefully Palin. You see, she hates biz as usual politics too

@CountIstvan oh, that's good. Attack the funny little old white lady conservative with a typical off color lib joke. Go bite someone's
Editors comment: this from a tweet I made that accused her of having "no chin" like her hero Palin. This of course has nothing to do with her appearance at all but his a boxing term meaning she can't take a punch rhetorically of course. Never mind her picture which assuming that is her shows she isn't old or little or a lady.

am so, and proud of it. Picture is 1 yr old. Comes from living *RIGHT* @CountIstvan

RT @waynek: "Obama: No Pacemaker For You!" http://is.gd/1GCbk Little doubt where Obama is heading on senior citizen health care.

i'm torn between watching O's infommercial promoting HC. My blood pressure is high enough alrdy. We R going 2 get that "talked dn 2" .....

Libs don't even know we are on their side, at least the taxpaying ones

going 2 use evry trick the left has used against us 2 cmpletly defeat their agenda. I'll show U, & others cn join me. #tcot <-I'm listening

RT @Palinspired: Obama is lower than Jimmy Carter and his hope & change leaving us with nothing but peanuts.

New minimum wage goes like this: Non taxpayer to taxpayer....give me all your money


Jonathan said...

Why do you do it?

Anonymous said...

Actually this one started talking to me then blocked me. :) But they are stress relievers.

Anonymous said...

Boy this crazy bitch doesn't stop

# Libs who want 2b pro choice..that's on their conscience. Just leave my government and my tax dollars out of it. I don't want 2 fund murder12 minutes ago from TweetDeck

Sick of Obamas half truths. Keep the health coverage u have now...but only what u have now, can't change it and when it expires, it's gone.25 minutes ago from web

Obama, we already have a plan for uninsured,called medicare/medicaid. Leave my health care alone. Fix what's already in place #tcot31 minutes ago from web

Will Obama's Health Care Deform cause drs. to abandon hippocratic oath? Seniors urged to go ahead and die? Where is my America? #tcot34 minutes ago from web

RT @dailyobamajokes: how do you start an argument with a liberal? say something @dasani_01about 1 hour ago from TweetDeck

et said...

Count, you're either a saint or a masochist for unearthing this stuff and bringing it under scrutiny outside of wingnuttia! Though I'm not sure which...

BTW, here is a nice rebuttal to all the scare stories being thrown around regarding Canadian health care. Not that it will change any of these ostrich-head-in-sand viewpoints - they all apparently know a friend of a friend of a friend who had a bad experience in Canada - but I do hope more of these phrases fall into disuse in the U.S., too.

Jolly Ranger said...

I'd do her...But I am desperate. I'd do anything.

The Jolly Ranger said...

Count sounds like Robin would make My day. She is everything I want but dont have. A redneck woman that has no teeth and weighs more than 300 lbs?

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