Wednesday, July 15, 2009

English is not his main language.

You must be quite insane to support someone who supports forced abortions and a totalitarian goverment. Doesn't matter what kind of political colour he has.

He didn't have any respect for individual rights then, and that's a kind of arrogance which doesn't change that easily.

I have the feeling the only reason you support him, because he is Democrat, he is very political correct in his other views and he was appointed by someone with a darker skin colour and ofcourse we all know that you have to a racist to disagree with someone with a dark skin colour.

I make a joke of it, but I fear that the curse of political correctness plays a major role in way people keep supporting John Holdren.

He worked with Harrison Brown, member of the International Eugenetics Society. Why don't ask any questions about that?
Wasn't the big reason why Hitler was called evil, his support for eugenetics? His totalitarian government?
The same views John Holdren had, or maybe has? And even if he had them, he never abolished those views in public, there is no evidence that he came to another insight. Why keep someone with this kind of loathable views in such a high power position?

I really don't get you kind of people.

Sorry, for any grammar /spelling mistakes, English is not my main language.

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Anonymous said...

"Tarak" is a Joke, plus I need a translator for his crap

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