Monday, July 13, 2009

Harry Potter and the Best-Reviewed Movie of the Year

With a tomatometer at 98%, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince stands as the best-reviewed film of the year in wide release. Compare that to the first five films, (Sorcerer's Stone was 78%, Chamber of Secrets was 82%, Prisoner of Azkaban was 89%, Goblet of Fire was 88%, and Order of the Phoenix was the lowest, at 77%) this is the highest-rated Potter film of the sex installments.

Add to it, Half-Blood Prince is already generating form the critics Oscar buzz in the form of the film's director of photography Bruno Delbonne (Amelie and A Very Long Engagement) and newcomer to the series, Jim Broadbent (Oscar-winner for Best Supporting Actor in Iris, 2001) playing the role of Hogwarts' new Potions professor, Horace Slughorn, among other categories.

Yeah, i'm a Potter nerd, the same way the Count goes gaga for 007. Bottom line: Can't wait for this new installment, and you can bet your ass i'll be there at midnight.

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Anonymous said...

Well Either the Harry Potter people paid more money this time to the reviewers or more likely the first person who actually watched it and wrote a review loved it so much that every other critic got to work right away re-writing what that person had written.

Now in now way am I suggesting it's a bad movie I haven't saw it and do not know. It might honestly be that damned good. I am saying don't trust those lazy sons a bitch critics as far as you can throw them. :)

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