Monday, July 13, 2009

You Can Actually See Him Hyperventilating As He Types This

ummm, it came right out of the 1977 book that Holdren wrote! not a "radical right wing wource". How can you live like that or sleep at night. No one is making things up except YOU. No one is saying "if it is on some certain site" it must be true. Those sites just happen to be the ones putting up links. (you probably like that Judge who says "links should be banned" google that or am I making that up too?)

Can't you read if for yourself? Can't you look up on amazon and see the book is real, has been sold in the past, written by Holdren?

How can you sit there and try to make this into some left/right thing. That just makes it so obvious who you like and work with. I would rather have the truth than this lef/right garbage. You that call names rather than reseaching need to look at the man in the mirror.

remember, BLOGS like this are NOT NEWS. But when a story on a blog links to ACTUAL DOCUMENTS, BOOKS, it becomes news. This page here, newshounds, still just a blog.

stop your state of denial and research some of it!

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"JoeAxe" isn't making sense.

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