Sunday, July 12, 2009

God's Taking Out Billboard Space Again.

I don't know about where you live but here in Omaha God has had her, his, whatever, publicity department buy some billboard space. (S)He's been doing this for awhile His/Her latest Billboard located in south Omaha ( hell it might be in Bellevue for that matter) shows God is now in full intimidation mode. That and (S)he is familiar with the sayings of such wise philosophers as Joe Louis. The latest Billboard says "You can run but you can't hide from me" God. It would seem as ET suggested God has a bit of stalking problem.

On the 125 trip down the the Kennedy freeway (highway75) between here and the Golden Eagle Casino in Horton Kansas I saw at least 3 Anti-Abortion signs. One said "Abortion stops a beating heart" fair enough but so does the Electric Chair and we can't use that enough.

It's amazing the difference a relatively short distance can make in the temperature. It was 91 in Horton and 81 here but it felt about 20 degrees warmer in Horton. I didn't have a particularly profitable day at the casino in fact I lost. The Contessa was $16 she spent $40 and cashed out $56) How she can spend 4 hours at a casino and spend $40 is beyond me. I Lost about $100 but for 4 hours in a casino that's not bad. In fact when I cashed out I felt pretty good I did as well I did. It wasn't like the day in Blackhawk, Central City Colorado where I would just walk into a casino drop my pants, bend over and say do your damnedest. Not literally but you get the point. It was a fun afternoon. I like that casino down there better than the big cooperate behemoths in Council Bluffs.

Open Thread. Does God take out billboard space in your town?


Anonymous said...

I normally ignore the ramblings of conservative twitters well except for Houndy :) but this was too funny.

@Hannaloves27 It's amazing how Libs regress to insults when they can't be beat on policy

Her next tweet... u Libtard!!!

Oh the irony!

et said...

There are literally no billboards in Victoria except for one smallish highway stretch of First Nations (aka Tribal) land which is packed with them), so we have to content ourselves with church marquees. And of those the one we pass most often is at the local Unitarian church, which has lately promoted their summer solstice observance, extolled poetry, and decried extremism.

Another good reason to like this part of the world.

Anonymous said...

I havent seen any in my area. then again churches in my area are closing left and right

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