Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday Open Thread

Had me a productive day.

Got My Glasses Fixed
Got A Chilly Cheese Steak Sandwich At Lansky's
Bought The 1999 Nebraska Football Season on DVD And Thrilling Cities and Diamond Smugglers Since The Folks At Ian Fleming Enterprises Finally Have Their On Line Shop Working Again. It's Been A Good Day!


Jonathan said...

Started picking out classes for fall semester online.
Watched Harry Potter 6 again.
Made brownies.
A lazy Saturday, basically.

et said...

Got up early for the Saltspring Island ferry.

Took ET Daughter to recording session and got a (rare) look inside the facility (my past life connected to the biz helped, but it was ET Spouse remarking that he'd installed the first solid-state audio gear at Abbey Road that I think clinched it.)

Lunched at Calvin's Bistro overlooking Ganges Harbour.

Browsed the Saturday Market - mostly window-shopping, but I did pick up a new catnip toy that the cats are going gaga over.

Home. Watered plants. Dinner. More of our "Robin of Sherwood" marathon.

And when I finally settled in to do our weekly site updates, neither my Mac or Windows OS is allowing my changes to any existing files to "stick." I haven't even tried generating any new ones. Copious urgent e-mails are headed toward our hosting service and web guy. I don't think it's anything happening on my turf since the problem first appeared when I was working on the Mac side of things, and Macs are pretty impervious to viruses and such. So it's something on their end of the equation. I hope their tech support works Sundays.

Planning to go see HP6 on Monday.

What are you taking in the fall, Jonathan?

Jonathan said...

Not sure, yet. Going to talk to councilor tomorrow about classes.

Anonymous said...

Moved my fan boy post to my LJ.

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