Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Why do Morons Watch Glenn Beck?

Glenn Beck certainly has a different way about him. However, his ability to break complex political issues down for anybody to understand is his forte. He doesn't just sit there and talk about the issues he disects them so anybody can understand it. He also throws some humor in with it which makes some of the things going on in the political world in this country easier to swallow. Some people don't like him some people do and that is the way it will be with him, O'Reiley, Hannity, Matthews, Olberman, etc. Nobody is ever going to be liked by everybody. My reason for liking him is because he is quite opinionated but presents his position on different topics in a rather amusing and enjoyable nature.
If you all watch the political news networks for 100% factual information and get mad when you don't get it then to me that is no way to live because you will be mad all the time. I do not watch Beck for 100% factual info. I watch because he is amusing and enjoyable to watch and to get his opinion on various topics. I watch the news for entertainment of debate and points of view. 100% factual info on practically any political issue is hard to find in the first place and especially on the news.
We apparently will never agree on Beck, for the most part. However I agree with Beck and others who believe that America is changing right before our eyes. It has been changing by parties on both sides. It is not soley on democrats and it is not soley on republicans. It is both parties that are chaning our country. For some the change that is happening may be a welcomed one, but to others it is certainly not welcomed. They have the country seperated. We fight with each other rather then speak up to those who need to be spoken too. While we fight with each other they continue to do as they please, but when we fight together they begin to do as we please. Their careers are #1 to them not our needs.

I cannot respond for the so-called right-wing nuts but for me it isn't about whether or not the state government can do better than the federal government it is about the constitution. Apparently that piece of paper is being viewed by many as a living organism that, like many of us, changes as time passes.
Pegleg Peggy you believe fox to be the MOST responsible for such things happening, but that statement implies that you believe the other outlets are responsible as well, just not AS responsible, in your opinion. I agree with the fact that many are to blame for the change. I do not put more blame on any one network over another. But I aslo put blame on us as Americans for continuing to let it happen day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year.

before I go I will end by saying: BOTH SIDES have been involved in scandals, photo-shopping images of those critical of them, calling names, etc.
Focusing on the group on one side while letting the other side sneak through the cracks is what they want. The right watches the left, the left watches the right, but very few watch both sides evenly. It plays right into the hands of those in power and they know it. They get us so entrenched in what the other side is doing and by doing so they are free to do as they please. We are running in circles while they sit back and watch.


Anonymous said...

Beck is a nut:

Beck: I'm not saying he doesn't like white people

Beck: I think he is a racist

am I missing anything?

Anonymous said...

Beck is a racist himself.
Barack is half white, moron!
Are you saying he hates his white grandma and his white mom.
Beck can't see anything beyond the color of Barack's skin. Anything that isn't "white" infuriates and scares him.
I feel sorry for him and those like him.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying he hates his white grandma and his white mom.

There you go using common sense. :)

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