Saturday, July 25, 2009

Eddie Burke Conservative Dipshit

don't know if any of you have ever heard this wanna be Rush who pollutes Anchorage's airways but After a short twitter conversation I discovered he's got that lying thing down. This conversation includes Jesus General.

@talkradiohost Semper Fi my ass. You didn't serve.@JC_Christian Ur full of shit buddy. I did too serve. US. Navy USS. Ranger USS. Constellation Indian Ocean Dad was a Marine Gunny!@talkradiohost is a veteran. He taped every episode of Gomer Pyle.@CountIstvan Pretty sad when you make fun of disabled Vets. We gave you the freedom to be here on Twitter to run ur socialist mouth

Want to see Disabled War Veteran Eddie Burke?

EDIT He's 30% Disabled.

talkradiohost @CountIstvan u can lie all you want u socialist puke. im 30% disabled I have documents to prove and id card in wallet. 2 minutes ago from web

@CountIstvan At least I served our Country so u can say what ur saying.cons will rise up w/ shock and awe. advise lib 2 stay hm4safety

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