Saturday, July 11, 2009

What The Hell Is Going On?


AO PAULO (AP)—Former boxing champion Arturo Gatti, whose epic trilogy with Micky Ward branded him one of the most exciting fighters of his generation, was found dead in a hotel room in the posh seaside resort of Porto de Galihnas early Saturday.

Police investigator Edilson Alves told The Associated Press that the body of the former junior welterweight champ was discovered in his room at the tourist resort, where Gatti had arrived on Friday with his Brazilian wife Amanda and 1-year-old son.

Alves said police were investigating and it was unclear how the 37-year-old Canadian died.

“It is still too early to say anything concrete, although it is all very strange,” Alves said. He declined to provide any additional details.

A spokeswoman for the state public safety department said Gatti’s wife and son were unhurt. The woman declined to give a name in keeping with department policy.

“There were no bullet or stab wounds on his body, but police did find blood stains on the floor,” she said.

Unfucking believable. What year this has been.


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you count. this has been a very strange year.

"I'm telling you its the rapture-Ralph"

(I have been reading up on him, he sounds very very crazy-he might actually say that)

Anonymous said...

I was just smoking a cigar and I was thinking about the UFC thingy tonight with Brock Lesnar and I was thinking about how I still love Boxing faults and all and lord knows there are faults by the thousands with the sport but UFC and MMA bores me to tears.

One boxer who you knew was gonna put a hell of a fight was Arturo Gatti. he didn't always win but he never disappointed. This is very sad.

In a three week span in the sports world there has been 2 boxing legends Alexis_Arguello 57) and now Gatti 37 die and a football player Steve McNair only 36.

All tragic. Arguello committed suicide, McNair was murdered by a mistress and now it sounds as if Gatti was possibly killed by his wife.

Sad Sad Sad

Jameyb said...

Just saw on his wife has been charged

Anonymous said...

She will get off...

Rodrigues told police she had a fight with Gatti after dinner Friday night and he pushed her to the ground during the altercation, causing her to sustain minor injuries to her elbow and chin. She told authorities Gatti was drunk and that a third party likely committed the crime after he went to the apartment by himself.

Witnesses had reported to police that the couple fought and that Gatti was drunk

She'll cry real good say he beat her and it was self defense. And the jury will agree

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