Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How About Some Right Wing Idiocy?

From The Great Blog Margaret And Helen.

You are evil. I hope her lawyers come after you. How dare you go after her. She is doing the work of the Lord. You are a waste of good food.

I will vote for Sarah Palin when she runs for President of the United States. We need her. She represents Christian values. She is good. Margaret and Helen are evil. You must LISTEN to what Sarah Palin is saying. She will have my vote and the vote of many many other people.
God Bless Sarah Palin.

I will leave this blog and pray for all of you.
Sarah Palin is a wonderful woman with a beautiful family. Helen is evil and will burn in hell for what she has written

The Lord knows where each and everyone of you lives. I will pray that you all will be forgiven for following the writings of this evil woman. Her name is HELLen for a reason.

Trust me, people. Sarah Palin is our future.

I have been following this bog for a few months. I think all of you people a full of youselves. Sarah Palin is a working mother who has decided to quit her job because it is too much pressure on her family and not good for the people of Alaska. Why is that so bad? She is a lovely woman who just wanted to serve her country. You people need a good spanking. And yes, I spank my children when they are bad. There is nothing wrong with that. And I did not allow them to listen to Michael Jackson’s music and that does not make me a racist. And when I go to church, I pray for people like you and that does not make me judgmental. It means I care about your salavation. I have met elderly women like these two before. Age can make a person cranky. Too bad they didn’t decide to quilt instead of playing on the internet which is way beyon their capabilities. Boo on you.

Ha. You are all so worried about Palin because you know that she is popular enough to be our next president. The only thing that held her back this last time was that idiot John McCain. I can’t wait until 2012 when she will really show Obama what a Republcan candidate can do to a socialist person who wasn’t even born in the USA.

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The Lord knows where each and everyone of you lives.

God's a stalker? Who knew?

That blog's a keeper, Count.

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