Tuesday, October 7, 2008

That One.

In the 1992 presidential debate George H. W. Bush was asked what he thought about the record number of women running for public office and he responded " I hope most of them lose" I looked at my Mother and said this election is over. He just lost tonight. At the next debate Bush responded the line even louder much to my dis-belief. Tonight we had the same kind of moment. When John McCain pointed to Obama and called him "That one" McCain could not or would not refer to Obama by name. It was the single most galling lack of professionalism that I have ever seen. Amazing moment.


Jonathan said...

"That One?" Seriously, John?
Out of all the things you could have said (i.e. "my opponent", "my competitor") you just happened to say, "That one?"

*sighs deeply*

Did it ever occur to McCain his comment could be taken, at best, as a form of contempt and disdain for his opponent, and at worst, as a form of a racial epitaph?

Jesus. What a senile old fool.

Sergei Andropov said...

McCain did refer to Obama by name.

Anonymous said...

Not at that moment. he pointed to Obama and said "That One" Not "my opponent' not "Barack Obama" "That one" as if he wasn't human.

et said...

It was petty and decidedly un-Presidential. Not unlike McCain himself, in both respects.

Yakki.PsD said...

Myself,I don't think he meant it racially.

I think he was just being the normal McCain.

Fucking asshole extroidinaire.

Which is no defense at all.

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