Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Return of Reverend Jeremiah

Welcome back, you liberal heathens, to another testimony from Reverend Jeremiah. Tonight, the good pastor talks about America's departure from grace, and it's only hope: turning back to God!

We live in a day and time when everybody wants to eat from the garden but nobody wants to pick up the hoe. We have an America that wants the complete benefits that come from so called government promises of the pledges and promises of elected leaders. We're willing to take the check, but fail to pick up the tab.

We must realize that in this day and age of greed, corruptness, and open corruption in government (i.e., the enron scandal, & the banking collapses from Wal-Street to Private enterprises'), we have to understand that we must pay the piper.
We have congress people like Nancy Pelosi, John Murtha, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Robert Byrd, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, Charles Shumer and other top named democrats that have hijacked the democratic party that our ForeFathers once knew. They have taken the ideologies of socialist agendas that come from the 'Robinhood lifestyles' taking from the rich and giving to the poor. we have these leaders that have formed their own basis of their party standing for - homosexuality, abortion, and higher taxes for not just the rich but across the board for all, we have the same party standing for abominable acts like civil unions, and also allowing the very freedom we have in speech to be silenced for those who stand against their constant and dangerous agendas. We have leaders running in our high offices that neither care for the poor, who neither care for any particular ethnic groups, we have them progressing towards the same Karl Marx ideologies and Stalin tactics, "agree with us or we'll just put the government to your backs... thereby, burdening the working people of our nation, the religious orientated to a cross that's burdening to bear.
We have corporate leaders who will do anything for their own personal gain and greed while taking corporate initiatives open to them and smearing and abusing those very privileges causing downfalls in companies and personal accounts that are entrusted to their entities.

We wonder why the Wall Street stocks go up and down on any given whim, we have a congress that directs its laws and measures that cause further corruption with these companies. Jim Johnson &*, other top executives & CEOs with these mortgage and financial institutions make tens of millions, thru bonuses and salaries and then full well knowing the companies are in dire financial troubles. We then have congressman who have made kickbacks from this corruption and immoral behavior (i.e. Barney Frank), and others and then we cry out, "get the CEOs" when the judgment should begin with the corruptors of congress with the likes of these criminals.
We are living on the verge of financial collapse and its beyond the mere comprehension of the average taxpayer, but we have had many hard working people lose their entire livelihoods and fortunes to the likes of these criminals.

Where does it all end, where do we find some kind of strength or encouragment .. well, not from our government, not from our Congressmen & women, not from our Company Execs, not from our Bankers, not from our Main Street government entities., we must look beyond this and see that we need first off, a turn around in all this. We need to see that America needs more than just a switch of government, more than just an investigation of these criminal and immoral behaviours.

We must look beyond the very things we can grasp with five fingers and see that it will take more and I can only see the foundational beliefs of our forefathers, I see the need for a turning back to a firm foundation that used to work. We must turn back to the biblical foundation of ideologies and correct believing. We must find strength beyond ourselves and those I've mentioned above. So where do we look? First we must look at what is truth and right in the day we live. Where do we find that, we find it from the biblical standards as set forth in Gods holy bible. We must realize that it takes a change in our own lives we must show others that we stand for the truth which is found ONLY in the Word of God. We must realize that the bible teaches the moral and ethical and economical way to live. We must turn back to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We have full proof of the historical data and the nations that rose and fell upon these biblical principals. We can deny this truth but it doesn't change the fact. We have many athiests and non-believers of this teaching of "god", but we must come to this understanding once and for all because if we do not reach back to the teachings of our forefathers, those teachings that turn us back to the God of Creation and quit looking to government, quit looking to others of the world and start looking for a foundational belief that will rise our nation to its highest standard.

We have seen it over the decades, we seen it in our President Ronald Reagan who stood for the truth, who stood for what was right regardless of what others thought, he brought down walls of diversity and opinions of those who wanted the socialized agendas that our very congress of today wants so desperately in America. How did he do this? You ask ... Well, he done it by believing in the God that was able to break down barriers and walls that separated us. Another way is for the American people to live the truth and quit being masked and start being genuine.

Another is electing men and women and leaders of our federal, state and local government(s) who stand for what is Right, what is Moral, what is True and for those who believe in this very teaching of the God of the Bible. We must turn to the Lord Jesus Christ in repentance and accepting the teachings that he taught.

We must stand for Truth and we must see ourselves as more than peons of a puppet Congress and show the world that we can have a part that we can have authority in these things of right and wrong.

May God help America and its peoples, because he has certainly blessed it!!


et said...

That's a doozy, Jonathan. It always makes me chuckle to hear the wingnuts wax rhapsodic over Reagan like he was the patron saint of conservatism and some kind of one-man powerhouse. I lived those years and I'd be happy to tell them he was little more than a two-bit actor who could pull off "folksy" a little better than Sarah Palin and introduced new china and astrology to the White House.

I foresee many red-state heads exploding in a month's time.

Anonymous said...

My head hurts from reading these 2 posts.

et said...

To put it simply...theocracy scares me. No matter whose.

And it should scare any sane person who really believes in freedom.

Yakki.PsD said...

Reagan was an asshole. He's ded now,and is a dead asshole.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

The sonofajellybean taxed people's retirement...after they'd already paid taxes on it. Interests rates soared. Trickle down never trickled down,and the typical Repug fantasy came true as it tends to do.

The rich got richer off the sweat of the working man.

Screw Reagan. Right in his dead ass.

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