Friday, October 17, 2008

Random Questions: Because I Need To Do One Edition

It's been way too long since I did one of these, so here I go with another segment of Random Questions(Now on Banned and Dangerous for the Count's pleasure)!

- Speaking as an upcoming first-time voter, let me direct my first question at Republican Presidential Nominee John McCain: Sarah Palin?? As your running mate? As your no.2, God forbid something happens to you, should you take the Oath of Office on January 20? Are you fucking kidding me?? You said she, like you, was a 'maverick.' What I see in her is the cynicism the GOP has been betting on since 2000: prop up a knuckle-dragging foot soldier for the extreme base of the party name (the equivalent of a living, breathing bobble-head doll if you ask me) and dress him or her up as good ol' boy or gal, and, just for good measure, make him or her sound simple and stupid, and the American citizens will lap it up because the candidate reflects their mindset: ignorant, and proud of it! In these rapidly changing and troubling times, we don't need another political we can kick back and have a beer with (or in this case, hunt and shoot animals with a rifle from atop of a helicopter), nor can we afford the same kind of incompetent and clueless leadership the Republican Party offered us with George W. Bush for the last eight years. Senator McCain, the fact that you would even resort to this kind of cynical ploy clearly states that you're not, as your slogan claims, putting "Country First".

- Why are these stupid Saw movies still being made? We got it the first time: a psycho murder takes his victims and puts them into the equivalent of hell - survive Jigsaw's sick and disgusting games, and you live. This isn't scary.....hell, this isn't even entertaining. It's torture pornography (the kind our current Vice President probably has a wet dream about) for people who love to watch poor bastards have their heads ripped off by some bizarre metal contraception. By the way: this similar kind of sociopath murderer has already been done before - his name was Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs.

- How can John McCain say, after the Republicans have fucked things up through failed economic policies, dragging America into an unnecessary war in the Middle East, sitting on their asses after Hurricane Katrina passed through New Orleans for weeks on end, and expanding the role of governmental powers after the tragedy of 9/11 (the Patriot Act, the NSA Wiretapping Controversy, Guantanamo Bay) that the answer to our problems is......even less government, fewer taxes, and more deregulation! Earth to John McCain, Reagan's ideals of getting government out of the private sector, letting big business do what they do, and the wealth will overflow to the middle class, hasn't worked! The current economic crisis we're facing should have finally put to rest the trickle-down theory, but here you are parroting the same bullshit. Exactly who are you trying to dupe, John? Here's the video that inspired the random question.

- This is a redundant question, since I already know the answer, but I still shake my head in complete awe.....why is Disney making a Hanna Montana movie!? I can't stand this shitty teeny-bopper movement much longer, and Disney continues to feed the flames of product placement shows and mediocre talentless artists from Miley Cyrus to the Jonas Brothers all for the Almighty Dollar from the Bank of Mom and Dad.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff. A you well know it's easy to see how Palin plays over at Blogs for Palin.

Anonymous said...

I will say this "the shitty teeny-bopper movement" is as old as time. And it will continue. It hasn't been all bad, it gave us Sinatra after all, It will always be there just very soon you will cease to care.

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