Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Newspapers And Magazines The Count Reads

I still don't know why The Sarahcuda couldn't say "well Katie I read the NY Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times, The National Review And The Weekly Standard and at least scored points with her core base. (Unless of course not reading is also a way to score points with her core base which might very well be the case.)

But If The Count were asked What newspapers or magazines that have to do with policy he would answer honestly.

I read...

the NY Times
I only read the sport sections from Nebraska papers
The Denver Post and The Rocky Mountain News Online on occasion.

I have in the past subscribed too...
Mother Jones
The Nation
I have been given as a gift a years subscription to the weekly standard which I am sorry to say I couldn't really use because my dog was already house broken. I repaid the gift by getting the sender, my father in law, a subscription to The Nation.

Blogs and websites that include
Think Progress
Democratic Underground
Rude Pundit
Bart Cop
World O' Crap
Jesus General
Media Matters

I do not as a general rule read Kos or Huffington post. I don't like Kos' layout and I don't completely trust Ms. Huffington. Though I must say there are some fine articles that come from both those sites.

Is that enough?


et said...

Isn't it pathetic, Count? You'd think she could at least have named one major newspaper in Alaska...but, nooooo, it's the lame "all of them, any of them" B.S. that she falls back on. Throw out a COUPLE of names, can't you?

Well, maybe she can't.

Myself, I daily read the web sites Common Dreams, AlterNet, Truthdig, Truthout and Working for Change, finding that amongst them their aggregation of the best from the major MSM covers the bases pretty well. Supplement that with stops at Think Progress, AMERICAblog, DailyKos, Democratic Underground, The Rude Pundit, Talking Points Memo, Crooks & Liars, and of course Newshounds, and I and countless fellow travelers are better informed on issues that matter than Sarah Palin is at any given moment on anything other than what Noah said to the dinosaurs about their boarding passes for the Ark not being valid.

Thursday is going to be some fun to watch.

et said...

Also, on the subscription front, let me just say...I really miss "Omni."

Sergei Andropov said...

My family subscribes to the New York Times and the Contra Costa Times, but I don't generally read either. My online news sources:

Al Jazeera
FOX News (they're a good source of AP articles)
ONLINE-International News Network
Google News

As for blogs, I regularly visit Newshounds, DJ Konservo, Banned and Dangerous, and semi-regularly visit BAGnewsNotes.

Anonymous said...

I was going to name your blog Sergei and others from Newshounds as well. :)

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